Trailer lights & LED’s

Rims, Tyres & Accessories

Rubber Suspension Type Axles

Mud Guards, Caps & Bearing Kits.

Beam Axles + Components & Cables

Rubber Suspension Type Axles

Hubs & Drums

Jockey Wheels

Clamps & Accessories Spring Blades

Brake Rod Couplers

Brakes & U/BR

Tow Balls

Rims, Tyres & Accessories

Mud Guards

Caps & Bearing Kits.

Skin support (layered PSD included)

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Different Trailer Components


Trailer, Caravan and Outdoor Components. We are committed to produce and supply the highest quality products available in the marketplace. Our vision is to become the largest household name in the trailer manufacturing and component market in South Africa and to widen our range of products to break through every possible market and industry.

Company Overview

Roadque owns a factory, warehouse and sales office based in Silverton, Pretoria. Our manufacturing plant located in Pretoria specialises in the manufacturing of all small components


Braked and unbraked axles, braked and unbraked couplers, rims and tyres, jockey wheels and lifting legs, winches, anti-luce devices, spring bolts, drop-side and long-leaf hinges, chevrons, mudguards, light brackets, license disc holders, LED lights, etc.